Month: June 2015

Baby A

Families with newborns are amazing to me! I love how much they love that new baby. How they jump at every whimper. How they do everything they can to make that baby happy and peaceful. And I adore these new parents. For who they are and for their incredible love for the new little girl …

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I love siblings. I love to photograph them. I love to see them interact with each other. Don’t get me wrong… getting a great image of two littles is hard. Probably one of the hardest thing that I do. But when you get it — when you get that amazing picture of siblings together — …

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3 Tips for Telling Stories with Your Photography

Some people tell stories with their words. Some tell them with their lyrics. I tell stories with my pictures. And you can, too. Photography is perfect for story telling. The main story line. The subtitles. The accents. My daughter’s first grade teacher would tell her to pick a part of her story and “zoom in,” …

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