3 Tips for Better Pictures of Your Children

Photographing your own children is difficult. Really difficult. Here are three ways to do it slightly better:

1) Have your camera accessible. The most wonderful moments are exactly that — moments. So you need to be quick to capture them. By having your camera close at hand, you’ll be ready for anything.

2) Click a few times then put it down. They’ll be patient with you for the first few, and then all you’ll get are the “c’mon, mom” faces. Get what you need and then put the camera away.


3) Make sure the space is ready before starting to shoot. Don’t tell them about the pictures until you have everything you want in place. As soon as the camera comes out, your clock starts — and you only have a few minutes. So make sure your light and space is ready and then break out the camera.

As always, at Pollack Photography we are focused on you.

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