6 Tips to True Laughter

Getting that amazing laughter — that genuine emotion — is difficult but certainly not impossible. Here are 6 tips to getting that amazing shot.

  1. Say anything BUT smile! Don’t be a smile beggar…
  2. Not allowed to laugh...Tell the kids that they are not allowed to laugh or smile under any circumstance! In this case, unlike others, it is great when the kids does the opposite of what you want!
  3. Try taking physical action! Try tickling, whispering, jumping, and skipping to capture some genuine smiles.
  4. Know what kids love and work with it! Try playing peek-a-boo, reading their favorite book, or playing with their toys. When they are doing something they enjoy odds are they are smiling while doing it.
  5. Tell them they’re wrong. For some reason kids always laugh when you call them by the wrong name, tell them they are 100 years old instead of 5, or when they are a lion instead of a human. Who knew you could be so funny when you are so wrong. Let them prove you wrong.
  6. Tell your best joke! Have a good joke in your back pocket. If this doesn’t work ask the kids to tell you their favorite joke. They think they are pretty funny and odds are… they will laugh at their own joke. Those comedians.


Those are all my tips, so go ahead and start your own comedy club, take some great pictures of true smiles, and enjoy laughing! Have more tips on capturing an authentic smile? Please share!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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