A Constant Reminder

I am a constant reminder to friends and family to get their pictures taken. It’s like I have a sign on my head (which, I assure you, I don’t) but they see me, and say, “Oh! I have to call you to set up a time for pictures!!” Sometimes these are people I don’t even know.

Scheduling pictures is hard. (Frankly, I find scheduling anything is hard — our lives are just SO busy.) But once you do it, you’re going to be so happy. One of the biggest services I provide to my clients is reminders. They love it. It’s not a nuisance — the nuisance is having to remember on your own!

So, when you’re at home and remember to think about pictures (which will inevitably be at the most inconvenient time), just send us an email and we’ll make it happen!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.


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