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The Pollack Photography Difference

Focused On You

At Pollack Photography, we believe that giving your family a great experience is just as important as providing you with gorgeous images. We use natural light and shoot on location to create informal yet classic photos. Our photo sessions are comfortable and hassle-free. And our passion for providing impeccable customer service means that from start to finish, we’re focused on your satisfaction with process, timing and results.

The Process


Pre-Session Consultation



Proof Review & Approval

Selection & Purchase


1. Schedule

We would love to talk with you about your interest in a photo session. Not only about the date and time of your session, but also about what you’re looking for. Certainly, we love it when people call us knowing that they want to schedule a session. In that case, we’ll talk about what time, date and location works best for you and your family. But we also love when people call us to discuss whether we’re the right fit for their family. Our goal is always to make sure that you get the best photos possible.

Let’s chat. 773-680-9827 or click here for our contact page.

Pre-Session Consultation

2. Pre-Session Consultation

We don’t achieve great pictures by accident, and we want to deliver the best photographs we can, so we need a plan.

Once you’ve scheduled your photo session, we will create a detailed plan for your shoot. This 15-20 minute phone conversation will be between you and your photographer and will take place a week or two before your photo session.

We will talk about your children – their interests, their personalities, their tendencies, what makes them happy. We will talk about what kind of photos you want (pictures of who, doing what, and where). Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can’t adjust the plan later on, but having a clear plan ahead of time helps to ensure that we’re fully prepared to get the best photos we can.

When you know that we have a plan, you can relax and just enjoy the picture taking experience. The whole session is more fun!

Photo Session

3. Photo Session

Experts Behind The Lens, Thriving In Real-Life Situations

Now that we have our plan in place, you can relax and enjoy the photo session. People often tell us that our photo sessions are surprisingly easy, relaxed and enjoyable.

We’re going to have fun! Your kids are going to do the things that they like best – and we’re going to catch them being genuinely happy doing it. They’re going to play and you might even be asked to play with them. It might be the best kissing, cuddling time you’ll have with them all week.

Remember, it’s OUR job to make sure the photos are fabulous. You don’t have to worry when your child doesn’t behave perfectly. Many of our greatest photos are from kids doing things that are completely natural and unexpected.


4. Editing Is Where Raw Images Become Great Photographs

After the Shoot Is When the Real Work Begins. The majority of the service we provide occurs behind the scenes, through our pixel-by-pixel examination of our best photos.

We often spend hours editing individual photos. We meticulously comb through photos and make necessary adjustments. We examine the lighting and adjust the contrast or shading to achieve the right composition. We adjust hue and saturation. We smooth and clarify skin, and work to bring all the visual elements to show that moment of life in rich, spectacular detail.

Proof Review & Approval

5. Proof Review And Approval

We deliver proofs one week after your photo session. In addition to this unparalleled delivery time, we present your photos through a password-protected online album.

It’s a wonderful moment when all our years of preparation and training come to a focal point, when during a seemingly chaotic photo shoot we can achieve that shot you’ll treasure. When you see your proofs, you see what we saw during that instant between the push of a button and when our lens snaps closed.

You can look through your pictures from home or work, on your schedule – not ours. You can share them with friends and family – and when you’ve had a chance to review the images and pick your favorites, it’s time to make your selections.

Selection & Purchase

6. Selection

We invite you to call us to discuss which images you want to print. You may be surprised at the number of options you have for print, and we will provide a professional perspective, but also candid advice. We can share what we know about image sizes and what will look best for what you need. Will your photograph look good as a 5x7? Would a white frame or a natural wood frame better complement your image? Will digital images be the right solution for you? We’re here to help.


The Woman Behind The Camera

From a very early age, photography was Laura Pollack’s passion. She studied it in the classroom and with experts in the field. She practiced it with friends and family. And she invested in the best equipment.

But her career took her in a very different direction.

With a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Kellogg (Northwestern), Laura thrived in the world of health care, rising through the ranks of hospital management. After 15 successful years in managing hospitals, it was time for a different challenge – building a business. And what better business to create than one fueled by a lifelong passion? Pollack Photography was born.

With three children of her own, Laura knows there’s nothing quite like a child’s energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness. She also understands the tremendous love parents have for their children. What a privilege it is to capture that love – those delightful moments between parent and child – in a photograph. Preserving a moment in time and creating images that will define memories for years to come – nothing could be more exciting. Combining that creative talent with truly exceptional service to clients – that’s Pollack Photography.

We Use Natural Light

Pollack Photography photos have a unique richness of color. That intensity can be difficult to describe, but place our photos side by side with others, and the difference becomes obvious.

Part of our secret is that we only use natural sunlight. No artificial light will do. Natural light brings out the very best in everything: it creates the beautiful skin and twinkling eyes that you see in our photographs. It can be used in almost any setting and in almost any weather. Also, unlike studio lights, sunlight isn’t pointed at a fixed spot, so kids can move around and feel relaxed.
A camera lens is similar to a human eye – it can only “see” colors that are naturally present. It allows nature’s gorgeous, complex colors – in a child’s eye or in the perfect shade of a baby’s skin – to come through. Even the best photographer’s light bulbs contain a tiny fraction of the sun’s broad color spectrum. A great photographer can only capture the colors that are reflected, and what’s available from the sun is EVERYTHING.

We Shoot On Location

We Travel To You (It’s More Convenient For You, And We Get Better Pictures!)

Everyone is more comfortable in an environment that’s familiar. At home. In your neighborhood. Where your kids like to play. When you’re in a familiar environment, you’re relaxed... and when kids – and parents – are relaxed, photos are always better. Plus - you don’t have to pack up your things and travel to any studio. It’s far more convenient for you.

Better pictures. More convenient.

That’s why we shoot on location.

We Connect With Kids

Photo Shoots Are Successful When They’re Fun, And We Know How To Have Fun

Even though they can’t always express it in words, kids naturally sense what’s going on, and they’re honest about it. To them, you smile when you’re happy. If we tell them to smile when they don’t feel like it, that lack of genuineness will be obvious in the pictures. When it comes to taking photos, children – and really all people – need authenticity. We know how to engage kids, help them feel comfortable, and genuinely enjoy the experience. It takes the right personality to engage with kids and to make a photo session enjoyable and successful.

We Perfect Your Images

Same child. Same picture. Different photo.
Photographers like to say, “Editing turns pictures into photographs.” Skillful photo editing brings out the best version of reality. You know it when you see it. Skillful photo editing isn’t just the difference between amateur photographers and professional photographers. It is also the difference between an unfinished professional image and a finished one.
Our editing process is meticulous. We scrutinize photos, evaluating everything including color, contrast, and the evenness of skin tone. Our initial raw photos provide the material, but it’s our editing that produces a truly finished photograph.

We Have Excellent Customer Service

With Pollack Photography, you get the best of both worlds: we’re creative and artistic, but we’re also fastidious and highly organized. You get responsive, professional service, with great photos, completely edited and delivered quickly, like clockwork.


Thank you for your interest in Pollack Photography. We recognize that hiring a professional photographer is an investment – both of time and money. We are confident in our ability to deliver great photos, a first-rate experience and real value for the cost. Please click below to request our pricing information. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals – and the opportunity to take your pictures!

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