“The best camera,” the saying goes, “is the one you have with you.” And, no doubt, the camera that you’ll have with you most often is on your mobile phone. There are many, many reviews of apps online, so we won’t repeat them here. But we will direct you to some of the good ones.

David Pogue of the NY Times frequently writes great technology articles. His most recent about photography apps provides a terrific review of photography apps. These are good suggestions/ideas for anyone who wants to make his/her phone into a better camera. You can find it here: “Camera Whimsy on iPhones”.

There is also a terrific article about apps for the “serious photographer” – although many of these don’t have to be used by a serious photographer. They are more advanced apps, but still very accessible and will certainly help you get better pictures with your mobile device: “Best Apps for Serious Photographers”.

If you’re interested in editing on your mobile device, The NY Times recently posted a great article about how your iPad can be a very effective editing tool. Certainly a more advanced look on photography, but interesting none the less: “The iPad as a Handheld Darkroom”.

We’d love to know if there are any other photography apps that you love. If there are, please email us and let us know.

As always, Pollack Photography is Focused on You.

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