Being the Photographer to Your Own Kids

One of my biggest pleasures is when momtographers ask me to photograph their children and families. Many times, their biggest goal is go actually get in the picture. (We can all empathize with that!) But other times it’s simply that they can’t get “that” picture. The one elusive image that they’ve dreamed up. In the session I just had, “that” photo was one of her two daughters together. She was so frustrated that she could not get it. But, of course, it was really hard to get! She had to play the two most important roles as one person — mom and photographer. But why is it so hard?

First, kids react very differently to their mom taking pictures than a photographer. Mom takes a million pictures every day. When the photographer comes, it’s an event. Families plan for it and talk about it. They prepare and children understand that it’s a big deal.

Second, at the shoot, moms play a critical role in wrangling children who have ideas their own ideas of what they should be doing in that moment. They play games. They make sure children don’t fall off tables. They make funny faces. You know…. But as a mom who is also the photographer, you can’t be right next to them making sure they don’t fall and manage your camera and get an amazing shot.

And last, sometimes the sweetest interaction between two siblings is when mom or dad are in the picture with them. And then, clearly, mom can’t also be capturing the moment.

So! Momtogs — don’t be so hard on yourselves! You’re doing an AMAZING job of capturing your families!! Keep it up!!

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re Focused on You.

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