Capturing Your Holidays in Pictures

One of the most wonderful things about photography is a picture’s ability to tell a story. And there are so many stories to tell, especially during the holidays! How can you capture this year’s story through pictures? Here are some tips:

1. Capture the details. Take a picture of the turkey. Take a picture of the table. Maybe one of the whole table and one of one individual place setting. Take a picture of the flowers and the candle light. Many times, we only take pictures of people. Capturing the other elements of the holidays rounds out your story.

2. Have your camera close at hand. Don’t put it away. Find a safe place for it that is completely accessible so that when a fun moment arises, you don’t have to hunt for your camera.

3. Make sure to capture the candid shots as well as the posed ones. Take a picture of a grandparent reading to a child (and don’t ask them to look up at you!). Take a picture of Grandma basting the turkey. Capture the football game outside on the lawn. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of everyone who’s there.

4. Do something with the pictures afterwards! Promise yourself that within one week, you will have gone through the pictures and picked out only the best ones (secret: take lots of pictures but only show a few!). Make them into a book. Put captions on the pictures. Or make a Top 10 list of your favorite moments from the holiday. The combination of words and pictures can be a riot!

5. And most of all, have fun with it! Let your child be in charge of the camera for a while (after all, YOU should be in some of the pictures as well!). Think of creative angles or lighting. In the age of digital photography, you can do so much with so little effort!

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