Catching Moments that Pass in a Moment

You know the ones.  Those amazing, sweet smiles of your kids.  Those seconds when they love each other and are playing sweetly together.  The dog just being sweet.  And you know how quickly they disappear.  So!  How can you be as ready as possible to actually catch them?

There are lots of barriers to being ready for photos…. the process usually goes like this:

1.  Get the camera.

2.  Turn it on.

3.  Remove the lens cap.

4.  Check the settings.

5.  Look through the lens.

6.  Focus.

7.  Snap.


And then, what really happens…..

1.  Get the camera.  Where’s the camera???  Did we put it upstairs???  In the kitchen???  WHERE’S THE CAMERA???

2.  Turn it on.  Wait for it… 

3.  Remove the lens cap.  Wait for it…

4.  Check the settings.   I know that there is low light, what should the settings be???

5.  Look through the lens.  Shoot!  The lens cap is still on…. 

6.  Focus. Why isn’t it focusing… ugh. It’s not on yet….

7.  Snap.


Yes… you definitely missed that shot.  So, what can you do about it???  Let’s try again…

1.  Get the camera.  Keep your camera in the kitchen.  That’s where all the action happens, right?  If you have a place for it, you’ll always know where it is.

2.  Turn it on.  Keep it turned on!  Yes, it drains the battery more than if it were off, but not by much.  You’d be surprised.

3.  Remove the lens cap.  Don’t use a lens cap.  Use your hood and filter.  Check out this blog post for more details.

4.  Check the settings.  Leave your settings as you use them typically.

5.  Look through the lens.

6.  Focus.

7.  Snap.


SO much simpler!  And now, you’ll get the shot.  Try it.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re focused on you.

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