Pollack Photography Classes

Pictures in Your Child’s First Year:

The first year of life brings so many changes.  From the tiniest infant stage to an almost-walking one year old, time flies by.  Join us to talk about how to capture all of those changes in pictures!

Topics include:

  • Taking better pictures.  We will talk about tips and techniques to take better pictures that can be used with the simplest of cameras and fanciest of cameras
  • Telling a story.  Your child’s first year is a story.  Let’s think about how to tell it.  We’ll discuss ages and stages as well as what’s important in each.
  • Being present.  Too many pictures takes you away from the moment… and you want to enjoy those moments!  We’ll talk about how you can remain in the moment AND capture the memories.
  • Taking monthly photos.  Tips on how to get your child’s monthly pictures to look their best
  • Organizing and presenting your story.  Once you’ve taken all of these amazing pictures… what should you do with them?  We’ll talk about organizing pictures and some wonderful ways to enjoy them.

Join us!  It’s going to be a blast!

Are you a local business interested in hosting an event?  People love photography classes and this class is PERFECT for an event for parents-to-be!  Contact us for more information.  

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