Pollack Photography Classes

One-on-one Classes:

Our one-on-once classes are perfect for serious hobbyists who are looking to take their photography to the next level. Each of the three parts can be taken separately or as a package, depending on what you’re interested in learning.

Part I: Getting to know your camera

Before you can take incredible pictures, you need to take that amazingly powerful camera off auto. We’ll talk about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. We’ll talk about how they interact with each other. We’ll talk about light and how to set your camera to best capture different situations.

Part II: All about you

In this part, we will come to your home and do a mini-photo session with your family. During the session, we’ll talk through what we’re doing and why, applying the knowledge from Part I. We’ll talk specifically about your space and how to maximize the light to make amazing pictures. And we’ll watch you shoot and give you tips on how to do it even better.

Part III: The magic of editing

And, finally, we’ll take the pictures from the session (or some other images, if you choose to do this without Part II) and walk through our editing techniques. We’ll teach you how to turn images into frame-worthy photographs.

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