Don’t Get Caught Behind Your Lens

Sometimes parents get so caught up in capturing the moment that they forget to live in it. Here are a few tips to capturing a variety of moments without being caught behind the lens!

Bring your camera everywhere

Bringing your camera with you everywhere will allow you to capture a variety of pictures. If you take a few pictures here and a few pictures there you will have more pictures, and it will be less noticeable to the kids because you aren’t taking 100 at one site.

Click a few times then put it down!

You must remember your kids are not on a photo shoot. They want to play at the park with you, but the camera. So, take the picture you want then put it away and give your kids the attention they need. Don’t worry, if the kids are having fun the few pictures that you took will turn out great!

Make being with the camera fun

By using silly voices, telling jokes, and making them laugh while holding the camera they are going to associate “fun” with the camera, which will make sure you get less of the grumpy pictures and more smiley ones!

Plan the moment you want to capture!

By planning the moment you want to capture you are ensuring you capture the moment you want, and are still spending the majority of the time playing with the kids. For example, if you know you want to capture your kids coming down the slide, then only have your camera out for that time at the park and for the rest put it away. This tip will make sure you know you are using you camera less than you are playing. Sometimes we forget how often we are behind the lens!

Good luck! Kids can be challenging to shoot, especially when you want to capture the right moment, but remember you are there for your kids, not your camera! Take enough pictures to remember the moment, but not too many that you forget to live in it. Best of luck! If you have more tips please share!

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