“Don’t Pick Your Nose!”

Oh, you know the pictures. The ones with the hands in the mouth. The ones with the hands on their heads. The ones with the hands in places they shouldn’t be in public. Yes…. hands everywhere. And you know exactly what happens when you say “Don’t put your hands in your mouth!” They become permanently affixed to your child’s mouth. “Gotcha!” Is what he/she is thinking. “I figured out what you don’t want, so I’m going to do it even more than I had originally planned!”

So! How do you get those hands out of that mouth???

Instead of telling your child what not to do, tell him or her what to do.

Can you clap your hands? Can you put your hands on your legs? Can you hold your sister’s hand?

That approach actually solves two issues for your child:
1) It does not clue them into what you don’t want them doing… which is, of course, candy to them. And…
2) It gives them an alternative. Sometimes when you say “don’t put your hands in your mouth,” their inner-voice says, “well then what should I do with them???” So, by saying, put your hands on your lap, that answers that question pretty clearly.

Try it!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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