Every child is a story

Every child is a story.

One part of that story is a forever story. A thoughtful child. A child that approaches problems with caution. A child that is adventurous and full of wonder. Things that are not going to change from the very beginning to the very end.

And one part of that story is just for now. The love of teddy bears. The obsession with trains. The need to have tea parties every day. Sometimes when that story evolves, we forget where it’s been and only see where it is. It’s the opposite experience from a grandparent who lives a half a world away who sees that child so infrequently — they see the changes because they’re big leaps, not tiny steps.


But documenting those stages allows us to see those stages in big leaps as well. In pictures. In writing. Those fleeting parts of your child’s personality are so wonderful to look back on and remember. In our family, we like to keep the words our children created:

strawbererries instead of strawberries.
napkims instead of napkins.
refrigidator instead of refrigerator.
tooties instead of cookies.
sangwiches instead of sandwiches.

I use these words in my every day language. It’s a leap back from where we are to where we were.
And pictures are the most wonderful way to keep that story alive. Forever.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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