Genuine Personality

I love what pictures tell us. Certainly pictures relay what a person looked like in a certain time and place. But pictures — if done right — can also remind us of a person’s personality — her energy — in that time and place.

The pictures that exude personality may not be the prettiest, the most portrait-perfect of images. For example, whenever I photograph a 3rd grade girl, she ALWAYS puts her hands on her hips, throws out one hip, raises a shoulder, puts her chin down and gives me her best sassy smile. THAT is 3rd grade. That is not going to be there in 5th grade. And it wasn’t there in 1st grade. So I love being able to capture it.

I love when a child’s personality comes off the page. When you can say, yes, that is Hannah. This is what she looked like and acted like. This is her face and her personality. This is her attitude and her energy.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.


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