Get in the Picture!

Hello, you. Yes, you. You know who you are. You… that person behind the camera. The person who loves taking pictures but is never in any of them. Yes, you! Get in the picture! (Ok…. I’m clearly talking to myself here, too.)

Some of you love being behind the camera and have no desire to be in the pictures. Some of you really do want to be in pictures, but you’re the designated photographer so, by default, you’re not in any. Either way, you need to be in the picture. I like to tell people that I am in the picture even when I’m behind the camera — it’s my perspective, you see, my art. But not my face. And sometimes, it’s nice to capture me, too… me, with my kiddos, my husband, my family. My mother-in-law is always so kind and demands that I give her my camera so she can get me in a few photos when we visit. I think her for putting my face int he album, not just my art. But! Without a wonderful mother-in-law, what are some of the best ways to get in the picture?

1) Give your camera to someone else. You can still set up the shot, the light, the settings. But have someone else take it. Even your kid! You may be surprised at what amazing pictures your 7 year old might take!

2) Use the timer on your camera. It’s actually quite fun and you’ll get some fun/funny images running into the frame. And certainly some real smiles from the kids who will be laughing at you running into the frame!

3) Invest in a remote trigger. They aren’t very expensive and they allow you to shoot away even when you’re in front of the camera.

Anyway you do it, do it! You’ll be so happy that you did.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re Focused on You.

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