In Newborn Photography, The Magic Number is 14 Days

The magic number is 14. 14 days old. Universally agreed upon among newborn photographers, that is the age by which you probably want to get your newborn pictures taken. Why? Because, remarkably, your baby changes a lotby that date. But, as with anything, there are pros and cons to taking pictures before 14 days.

So, when you’re thinking about newborn pictures, here are some things to consider:

1) Before 14 days, newborns are still curled up because they have been in their mommy’s tummy for the past 9 months. Being curled up gets you those wonderful little-ball baby pictures, with their little legs curled up under them. After 14 days, babies stretch out. They don’t want to be in that little ball any more. They’re more likely to lay flat and move their arms and legs around more.

2) Before 14 days, newborns are much sleepier. They are likely to sleep so soundly that they will not wake when moved. Those wonderfully peaceful sleeping pictures are much easier to get. After 14 days, sleep diminishes a bit and movement during sleep is more likely to stir the baby.

3) Before 14 days, newborns have difficulty controlling their eyes, so pictures with open eyes can be tricky. While the baby’s eyes are more likely to be crossed or looking in different directions, you should still be able to get some great pictures with the baby’s eyes open. After 14 days, babies have gained a bit more control of their eyes so awake pictures are more predictable.

Just some thoughts to consider when thinking about newborn photography.

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