Jump! Jump!

Those wonderful jumping pictures! How in the world do you get them to work so well! Simple, really. But you need to know how to work your camera to make sure they’re going to work.

First and foremost, your shutter has to be fast. Really fast. Because there’s a lot of motion and you don’t want blurry arms and legs.

Second, if you like shooting wide open, make sure that child jumps STRAIGHT up and down. Not towards you or away from you. They’ll just become part of your bokeh.

Third, focus your camera on the child before they jump. Because they’re jumping straight up and down (see “second” above), they’ll still be in focus throughout the jump.

Fourth, get low and tell them to pick up their feet. The lower you are, the higher their jump appears to be.

And fifth, if you want wonderful flying hair, get them as they’re on their way down. To maximize height and hair, get them just as they’ve started coming down.

And have fun with it!!!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.


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