“Just a cheapie photo session”

I heard that from a friend of mine the other day. She lives in California and was looking for my opinion on what she and her family should wear for their photo session. I asked her who her photographer was (because I always love to learn about the work of other wonderful photographers) and she said, “Oh, we just decided to do a cheapie photo session.”

And that got me thinking. I know great photography is expensive. But with all of my heart I believe that it’s not only worth getting it done right, but it’s not worth not getting it done right. Why?

1) ANY photo session is an investment. In your energy (she was still thinking about clothes and worried about what she was going to wear). In money (will you really want to frame any of the images from the session?) In time (she still needs to carve out the time for her family to take the photos and look through them and select them).

2) A cheapie photo session reduces your kids’ interest in taking pictures. With a great photographer, your kids will have a great experience. They’ll have fun. They’ll want to do it again. And when they see themselves look amazing in the photos, they’ll want to do it again even more. If it’s a bad experience with a bad outcome, your chance of turning that around next time is slim.

3) Great professional pictures are treasured for a lifetime. In fact, they get more valuable as the years go by. Mediocre professional pictures are put in a drawer.

Yes, great pictures are an investment. But in 10 years, they will be invaluable. As one of my clients recently wrote to me: “I got the pictures and they look AMAZING!! Thank you so very much for giving us something we will treasure forever.”

Treasure yours forever.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re focused on you.


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