Light When the Sun is Unavailable

As our readers well know, we at Pollack Photography only use natural light. We believe that natural light is the best light possible for beautiful color in your pictures. But, as we all well know, natural light is not always available — at night, for example, or at a child’s dance recital or in a fun, indoor plays pace with no windows… I could go on and on! So… what do you do without natural light.

The first thing we recommend is to change your camera settings to be able to work with the light in the room. But that requires a detailed understanding of the manual settings on your camera (which you can learn in our Parentography class!)

So what do you do when you need more light… when you need a flash. The first thing you DON’T do is use the pop-up flash on your camera. I know… it’s easy. It’s automatic. It’s bright. But it DESTROYS your pictures. It creates red eyes, terrible shadows and harsh features. There is nothing lovely about it. (Do you think we have an opinion about that? 🙂 ) Why? Because it’s too powerful a flash and is pointed directly at your subject. So what can you do about it?

Buy a bounce flash.

A bounce flash attaches to the top your camera and does exactly what it sound like it does — it bounces light off walls, ceilings, etc to light the room rather than just your subject. The technology is made to light the room rather than just your subject. You’ll have to practice, but you’ll pick it up in no time. If you use a flash in your photography, a bounce flash is a great investment. Your pictures will be better in no time!

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re Focused on You.

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