Loving Your Photo Session

Who loves their photo session? It’s stressful, right? It’s the combination of thinking about clothes, worrying about your kids’ behavior, fretting about whether your husband will cooperate and praying that the weather will be ok. And it all culminates in this one hour with the photographer. It had better be right! But it does not have to be so stressful. Here are some ways to prepare for the session to reduce the stress on the day of your session:

Get to know your photographer. Understand her approach and what she expects from the session. Understand what she hopes from you, as the parent, and how the session will flow. If your children are young and unpredictable, ask her how she handles a mid-session temper tantrum or a child who won’t cooperate. Believe me, many of the pictures you see on our website were of children who were not the perfect angels they appear to be in their pictures.

Make sure your photographer knows what images are important to you. If you NEED that one amazing image of your whole family, tell her. If you don’t really care about an image of you and your husband together, tell her. By letting her know what images matter to you, two things happen — 1 — you don’t have to worry about it and have that tally in your own head of “did she get the one of the kids” and 2 — she will be better prepared for the session. Sessions have a flow to them. By knowing which images are most important, your photographer will be sure to capture those when the energy is best. Because, we all know that once children are done, they’re done. And there is no bringing them back!

Allow your photographer to get to know you. Tell her about your children, what do they love, what to expect from their behavior. The more your photographer knows the more she can be prepared for the session. The fewer surprises, the better. And, if your children are not behaving perfectly, don’t worry!!! No children behave perfectly. We have some tricks up our sleeves… we’ll bring them back.

And finally…

Trust your photographer. You picked her for a reason. You love her images. You love her approach. You Let her do her job and enjoy it! Enjoy watching your kids be kids. Enjoy loving them and capturing that love in an image that you can treasure forever. Enjoy the moment of play. And the more you enjoy yourself, the better the pictures will be!!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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