Mother’s Day Special: 3 Ways to Capture Moms and Their Babies

Mother’s day is around the corner and what better time to get some great pictures of Mom with her babies. As with any subject, there are lots of different ways to capture this image. Here are 3 ideas to consider about when photographing a mom with her child(ren).

1) Catch them in their moment. Maybe they’re opening a gift. Or coloring together. Or cooking together. Catching them when they’re completely unaware of the camera gives you a glimpse into the moments they spend together, just being enjoying each other.

2) Photograph them connecting with each other. In this case, they’re aware they’re being photographed, but are focusing on each other, not the camera. For these kinds of pictures, I love discovering what moms normally do to connect with their children. Maybe they love rubbing their noses together. Or putting their foreheads together. Or giving each other butterfly kisses. Or tickling each other! The key is that they’re focused on each other, not the camera. Terrific emotion comes from these pictures.

3) Photograph them connecting with the camera. You know the pictures — the ones with cheeks smushed together (although not too smushed together) looking straight into the camera. You feel the love, but you also see their beautiful faces.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re focused on you.

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