My Annual Scrapbook

Years ago, I was inspired. I was at my in-laws, looking through old photo albums and it struck me how few pictures people took 50 years ago. Pictures were expensive and so there were just a few. I got to learn about years of life in one book of pictures. It was simple and lovely. In this age, we take so many pictures and so little enjoyment looking back at the pictures. So, I decided to copy the concept of that old album with my pictures. Here’s what I did:

  1. I have one large scrapbook. Each year, I add just a few pages (3 or 4). I review all of the pictures of the past year and pick my favorites – no more than 20 or so. (I like scrapbooks, so that’s what I do. But you could have an annual photo album and it would be just as lovely!)
  2. In my scrapbook, I have pictures as well as other important things (the card my sister gave me on my first mother’s day, the birth announcements for my children, etc). Each picture is “framed” with a little paper frame.
  3. I like to document birthdays, travel, weddings, births, etc and make sure to get at least one picture of each of us in the album each year. But I also make sure to include my favorite pictures, regardless of when or where they were taken

This kind of album requires being pretty organized, but it is well worth it! We look through the book many, many times over and love watching us over the years. You’ll love it as well.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are Focused on You.

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