Newborn Photography Tips

The newborn phase is fleeting. We certainly believe that a professional newborn session is a must. But what if you’re not up for a professional session? Or maybe you are, but you also want to continue to capture amazing newborn moments in the days and weeks before and after your session. Here are a few tips on how to take better newborn photos:

1) Timing. Newborns change incredibly quickly. For our newborn sessions, we highly recommend taking pictures before 14 days. So, if you’re going to do that in your own home with your own camera, don’t delay. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your baby changes!

2) Light. As with all photos, make sure you’re paying attention to light. In newborn photography, this is even more important. We believe in natural light is the best light for all images, and especially newborn images. Many times, newborn skin is less than ideal and natural light will help minimize blemishes and smooth out their new skin.


3) Those eyes! It’s an amazing feat to get newborn images with his/her eyes wide open. But you can do it! Be sure to take lots of pictures. Newborns don’t have a lot of control of their eyeballs, so you’ll get a lot of crosseyed images. And embrace the expressions. You’ll get A LOT of them. Capture them!

4) Sleepy baby. We know that your baby is going to sleep a lot these days, so capturing those images is a true reflection of what’s going on in your world. Don’t be shy about moving them and getting those peaceful images of your sleepy baby. This may be the last time you’ll get to do that in natural light!

5) Speaking of “last time you’ll get to do that…” Think about all of the things that are unique to the newborn phase. The bassinet. The tiny, tiny fingers and toes and lips and nose. The jerky movements. Be sure to identify what things are special to you right now and capture them. I would even suggest a bucket list. Then you’ll know what to photograph when you see it.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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