Photo Calendars

Calendars are everywhere. Every photo-printing site offers them. They are outdated. Why would anyone use a paper calendar anymore? They are not original. But we love them!

So how can you make an outdated, common gift a truly special present?

1. Make it personal. Every calendar should be unique. The one you make for your mom should feature pictures of your mom. Of course, they should all have lots of photos of the children. After all, that’s what grandparents and great-grandparents enjoy. But the calendar should also feature photos of the recipient.

2. Make it relevant (on a month-by-month or seasonal basis). So the picture for this July would ideally have been taken last July.

3. Keep your calendars. Consider them a mini-photo album. In a world where TONS of pictures get stuck on our computers, this is an easy way to select and highlight your favorite pictures every year.

We highly recommend making calendars once per year. You’ll love it, too.

As always, Pollack Photography is Focused on You

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