Pictures Evoke Memories. Even at a Photo Shoot

Pictures evoke memories. That is certainly true of images from every day life and from events (weddings, birthdays, etc). But it is also true of family photo shoot.

Today I had a session with a family that I adore. It was my second session with them — a newborn session for their fifth nugget. The last time I saw them, I was capturing newborn pictures of their fourth child. Needless to say, they certainly had professional pictures taken of their first, second and third children, but with different photographers with very different approaches. They were in studio.

And, today, the mom shared with me that the sessions were awful. Stressful. Tear filled. The whole thing. And she likes those pictures less than the ones we did together two years ago, which was a typical Pollack Photography session — energy filled, fun and loving.


Now, I’ve seen the studio pics she was referring to — they’re beautiful. But here’s the problem for the mom — they remind her of that stressful, awful day in the studio. We can’t separate the image from the experience. And, I believe, that’s one of the reasons she loves the pictures we took in her home. We had fun. We played. We laughed. We had a pillow fight. They were just a family in their own space, in their own element. And that is what these pictures reminder her of. So! Remember to get the experience right. Not just the photographs.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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