Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

We all know the feeling. You take 8,250,344 pictures and they are all either on your camera or on your phone. The only one who gets to enjoy them is your memory card. Here are some ideas about photo organization and how to organize them in a way that will enable you to enjoy the pictures you’re taking a bit more.

  1. Download them. At a minimum, just get them off your camera quickly. You can either download them directly onto iPhoto (which I happen to love) or put them in folders. Name the folders so that you can find them.

When naming your folders, try putting the date first and then the occasion (2012-11-26 Thanksgiving 2012). But if you want all of your Thanksgiving files together, then don’t put the date first. Do what works for you. Also, try putting all of the random pictures in month files. Especially when my children were very young, I took so many random pictures of them that I loved. So I made month folders (2012, May). It gave me a way to group them even though the pictures did not have anything in common.


  1. Weed them out. You don’t need all 2,538 pictures from the trip to the playground. Only keep the best ones. You’ll enjoy going through them again at a later point much more if only the good ones are kept.
  2. Do something with them. Print a few and frame them or put them in a photo album. Make a little book out of a fun vacation or celebration. Put them in a digital frame. Send them to friends and family. Frame one and give it to your mother. Post them on Facebook or Pinterest. But enjoy them!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are Focused on You.

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