Selecting the Right Photographer — Beyond the Pictures

Picking the right photographer is certainly about style and imagery. But it’s also about service and approach. I hear all the time about photographers literally taking months to get a client her proofs and even longer to get her the final pictures. You want the whole experience to fit you. You don’t shop at Nordstrom because the clothing is so much better than at other stores — or because you like paying more. You shop at Nordstrom because it’s a great experience. If you’re super laid back (which I’m not) and in no hurry to get your images (which I never am) no need to think about this side of the experience. But if you’re not made of time or have a deadline — for a gift, a holiday card, or just because it should not take months for these things — then ask the question. Get a concrete answer and see if your gut believes it.

How long did it take for that person to email you back the first time?

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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