Selecting the Right Photographer — Style

We recently had a customer who was very excited to work with us and was very precise about what she wanted her pictures to look like. Very modern. Not frilly. Very natural. She even said “you would never put our family under a tree.” while I love trees, her description of her ideal pictures fit what we do and the images we love.

Me: Do you like the pictures you see on our website?

Her: Yes!

Me: Then you’ll love the ones we get of your family.

So! That was a fit.

However, if the conversation had gone differently and she said that she loves really formal pictures. Very posed images. Kind of like the ones the Queen of England might commission, then we would have had a very different conversation. I would have advised her to think about a different photographer. Not that we can’t do that — we certainly cant. But we definitely can’t do that as well as someone who loves that style and does it all the time.

Making sure your photographers style fits your own is essential when picking your family photographer.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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