I love siblings. I love to photograph them. I love to see them interact with each other. Don’t get me wrong… getting a great image of two littles is hard. Probably one of the hardest thing that I do. But when you get it — when you get that amazing picture of siblings together — it’s a picture you treasure.


I have the privilege of working with a number of different schools and day care centers. I was at Kids Work Chicago last week (which is an AMAZING place for kids! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants a great school for a little one.) We took individual pictures of each of the children and then took sibling photos as well. Our pictures are taken during their outdoor time on the playground. For the sibling pictures, one of the sibs joined the other on the playground. To see the looks on their faces when they saw each other was priceless. It was like they hadn’t seen an old friend in years! Big hugs. Big kisses. Their connection as siblings was abundantly clear.


And then we started taking the pictures. Some children just know what to do in pictures and some just don’t. But all of the children understood what it meant to be close to their sibling. And in most cases, you see these amazing looks between them. The younger looking up (quite literally) to the older. The older lovingly looking at the younger. And it does not take long — we only have about 2 minutes for each set of siblings. And it certainly is not the result of my direction — I don’t ask them to look at each other. (If I did, it would only result in ridiculous images.) But this is what comes of it.

A picture filled with love.



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