Sisterly love

Ah, siblings at newborn sessions. We all know that siblings can have very mixed emotions about their newest family member. And that reaction definitely comes to life in a newborn photo session. Some have no interest at all in the baby and simply try to remove themselves from the photo session. Some feign interest to attract some attention.

But every once in a while, I get an older sibling (or older siblings) that just adores the baby. And this little girl was one of them. She’s almost 3 years old (which is not usually an age that is excited to welcome a newborn into the home!) and she .c.o.u.l.d. .n.o.t. stop loving her little sister. I think she feels a bit like her little sister’s mom. She was worried when her little sister cried. She gently stroked her little sister’s head. She looked at her little sister with these beautiful maternal eyes. She kissed her little sister over and over again without being asked. She just did not want to leave her little sister’s side. It was simply amazing.

What a privilege it was for me to be able to capture the beauty of that sisterly love.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re focused on you.

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