Sittin’ on the Ground

Photography is messy. Anyone who has been on a shoot with me knows that I’m on the ground more than I’m on my feet. The question is why? What’s up with sitting/kneeling on the ground? (It’s certainly not because it’s the most comfortable spot!)

The answer: it’s about perspective. Seeing something or someone straight on (if there’s a little person) or looking up at someone gives you a totally different perspective. And it’s quite a lovely one. It gives you a different view of the ground leading up to your subject and also of the taller things (trees, buildings) in your picture. It makes big things look bigger and including the ground in the image gives you a “runway” up to your subject.

Don’t get me wrong, looking up at someone too much gives them that adorable triple chin (which I try to avoid) but you typically have to be very low to the ground for that to be an issue.

So, next time you’re taking pictures, try getting low to the ground. See if you like what you get!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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