Skip the Lens Cap

I (almost) never use my lens cap.  It’s too cumbersome.  It takes valuable seconds away from capturing the fleeting moment in front of me.  Usually, it goes something like this:  grab the camera, turn it on, go to take the pic, only to see the lens cap instead of my subject!  And the moment has passed.  But!  You must protect those lenses.  So, instead of a lens cap, I use…

My hood.  That thing you see on the ends of lenses.  It’s real purpose is to control light and glare, but it’s a terrific protector of lenses.  And it’s always on my camera.

A filter.  A filter is a glass/plastic piece that screws onto the front of your lens.  It directly protects your lens.  It gets scratched/cracked/broken/smudged instead of your lens.  It’s a terrific investment.

So!  Instead of missing the moment, skip the lens cap and try these instead.

As always, at Pollack Photography, we’re Focused on You.

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