Stories Over Time

As I’ve said many times before, one of the great joys of photography, for me, is the privilege of telling a story. In my professional photo sessions, the parents are asking me to tell a very short version of the current story that is their life. What it looks like — and feels like — to be a member of their beautiful family in this very moment.

And sometimes, I get to tell the story over a longer period of time. From maternity to childhood and beyond. And I love those stories the most. Because I get to know the child and the family.

Last weekend, I photographed a little boy and his family for the fourth time. And he just turned one. Maternity. Newborn. 6-Months. And 1 Year. This family is so incredibly special to me. I feel like I’ve grown with them. Like I’ve been a part of “getting through” the first year with them. And where there used to be a beautiful pregnant mamma-to-be, there is now a little boy who is so incredibly sweet and just wants to play with my camera. And two people who are amazing parents. How incredible.

Thank you to all of my clients who allow me to be a part of your journey with you. What a privilege it is for me.

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