The Importance of Emotion in Pictures

Clearly, beautiful people help make photographs beautiful. But what makes a picture great is the emotion and feeling that it evokes.

Howard Schatz, a world-renowned photographer, has been exploring this phenomenon since 2000. In his project, “Models and their Mothers”, he “tells the model, ‘Be your mother’s daughter. No need to be a sexy fashion model.'” He notes that some have a very difficult time with that, which is clear in some of the photographs.

Regardless, the emotion (or lack thereof) is what makes these photographs incredibly interesting. As we photograph your families, our primary focus is to capture the connections between the subjects. A mom and her daughter. A brother and a sister. Parents and their newborn baby. When the love pops off the page, there is no “not looking good” in the picture. Recently, a client commented on a picture that we took of her daughter giving her an enormous, loving hug and kiss. She said, “I clearly have three chins in that picture, but it could not be a more beautiful photo. It’s framed in my home and in my office.”

Check out Howard Schatz’s work as published by the New York Times by clicking here. When you do, think about what the pictures say to you. We’d love it if you’d leave a comment letting us know what you think!

As always, Pollack Photography is Focused on You.

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