Things I Don’t Photograph

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are things in my kids’ lives that I simply don’t photograph. I’m not talking about things that I would not post on social media (which, for me is a MUCH more stringent test). I’m talking about whether I capture it at all. Because once it’s a picture, it’s discoverable. And I just know that the exact person I don’t want to see it will be the one who finds it. So, before “clicking”, it has to pass a test. And the test is….

Will it/could it embarrass my child now or when he/she is older?

That’s the line, the bar, if you will. Sometimes the line is fuzzy. Some things are embarrassing when you’re 13 and not when you’re 20. Some things are never embarrassing. And some things will always be. And, of course, it also depends on your family and your child. Some children are very sensitive to such things. And some could not care less (although you never know how they’ll feel when they’re older.)


For example, when my middle child potty trained herself at 22 months old (yes, you read that right), she could not have been prouder of herself. For weeks, she was beaming. And, of course, I photographed that time in her life for her. But never while she was sitting on the potty. I photographed her beaming with pride and dancing around because she was so happy. I photographed her new drawer filled with little underpants (uhpants, as she said). I photographed her throwing away her diapers. But I do not have a picture of her sitting on the toilet.

So, if you want to photograph something that might be embarrassing, think about ways to capture the time/energy/emotion in a different way. There’s always another perspective.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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