Three Ways to Take Better Pictures Without a Fancy Camera

I love to teach photography because there are so many different ways to take better pictures. You can definitely take better pictures by mastering your camera. So many people have amazing cameras and are still putting them on auto. It’s like you just purchased a Ferrari and only drive it 20 mph. Learn to use that incredible machine and I PROMISE your pictures will be better!

But you can also take better pictures with simple techniques using ANY camera! A point and shoot. An iPhone. A fancy camera on auto. Here are three ways to create better pictures without having a fancy camera.

  1. Understand how your camera works. Understanding the basics of how your camera works will allow you to think like it does and work with it’s capabilities (and limitations). This applies to both fancy cameras and iPhone cameras… when you know how your camera works, you’ll be able to better control the images you get.
  2. Have a vision for your pictures. The beauty of photography is that it’s a terrific intersection of art and technology. By creating a vision of what you want to capture, you’re more likely to capture it.
  3. Learn the basics of light and composition. There’s no explaining how beautiful your pictures can be by learning a bit more about these two things.

All of these things are important elements of our Parentography classes. Email us to find out more!

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.


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