True Joy

Picture this: You’re playing with your kiddos and are having the BEST.TIME.EVER. You’re laughing. You’re rolling around on the floor. You could not be enjoying the moment more.

And you want to capture it. You want to photograph those smiles. Those laughs. That flying hair. That genuine JOY.

But, you wonder if your stopping to get your camera is going to ruin the moment. It may. You have to decide if it’s the right risk to take. But here are some tips to minimize the disruption.

1) Use your most accessible camera. If you’re like me, the action is usually in the kitchen/family room, so my fancy camera is in the kitchen/family room. But, if it’s anywhere else, use whatever camera is closest. Your phone. Your point and shoot. Your goal is to minimize the time away from the kids.

2) Take a few pictures and put it down. Not only will your disappearance from the party be disruptive, but as soon as they hear the click click click of your camera one of two things will happen — 1) the party will stop and they will walk away or 2) you’ll get the posed, I-see-you’re-taking-my-picture faces. Neither is the result you want.

3) Don’t try to move/change/alter what they’re doing. Don’t ask them to move to better light or away from clutter. Just get them where they are and how they are. You can certainly move yourself to maximize the environment by looking at your angles/room placement/etc. But don’t move them.

And then get back in there. Do you really want to be taking pictures? Or do you really want to be making memories with your kids?

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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