Why Editing Matters

“When people ask you if you use Photoshop, it should be a question, not an accusation.” – Anonymous

Editing turns pictures into photographs.

For example, this is a nice picture. The boy looks cute, but this is not a picture you would want to frame.

This is the picture you would want to frame.

Many people think of editing photographs and they think of what magazines do to models – they make them unrecognizable. They edit the pictures so much that the person in the picture hardly recognizes him/herself. Sometimes, if the photo is of a famous person, they might even photograph a lookalike and super impose the important/defining parts in the end.

But when we edit your pictures, our goal is to create the best version of you. We make colors pop and remove that recently-acquired bruise on your little guy’s cheek. We crop it to enhance the composition and we might even remove the dark circles under a new mom’s eyes. But the goal is always to present the best version of you – not a fictional version of you.

When you’re looking for a photographer, it’s important to know if the pictures you’ll be getting are edited or unedited. Photographers can give you a much less expensive CD of the digital images (or include it in the sitting fee) because the pictures are not edited. You simply get what comes straight out of their camera. By eliminating editing, these photographers are significantly reducing their costs as editing takes a lot of time. However, they are also giving you a much different — and lower quality — product.

There are many ways in which you can edit your own pictures as well, from purchasing expensive and comprehensive software like Lightroom and Photoshop, to inexpensive (or even free) apps for your mobile phone. There are so many great editing options out there that we’ll have leave that conversation for our next blog post. Check it out here.

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