Why Take Pictures?

I remember being so excited to see my wedding pictures. I thought: What did the photographer see that I did not? What was that different perspective?

What I should have been thinking was “How am I going to remember my wedding day?” Because years later (many in my case) what I remember is three things (1) how I felt and the energy of the day (2) the anecdotes and moments I wrote down in my journal and (3) the scene, the people, the moments as documented by our photographer. Would I have remembered the day differently without those pictures? Maybe. But more likely, I would not remember as many of the details, as many of the wonderful, loving moments without those images.

And that is why I love taking pictures. Particularly pictures of children. Children grow so quickly — almost at the speed of light in that first year. And, as parents, the incremental changes make you forget how different they were just a few months earlier. Grandparents who live out of town, who see their grandchildren less frequently see it more clearly because they don’t see all of the tiny changes day after day. They see the larger leaps in time — and growth. The see big changes. And once a big change is observed, it sometimes replaces the prior memories that were there before it.

Pictures allow you to observe and retrieve all of those memories. Go back a few months — a few years — and see how much your child has really changed. Sometimes you don’t remember him/her looking that way until you see the picture.

So, document! Make sure the moments you capture are the full set. Take pictures of their everyday — what they love, who they are. Use professional pictures to document the leaps in changes. And get some great ones printed and on your walls. You’ll love them for years to come.

As always, we at Pollack Photography are focused on you.

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