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People are taking more pictures than ever before. And the quaility of those pictures is better than ever. Why? Because photography has become extremely accessible. Mobile phones have built-in cameras – and they take pretty good pictures. DSLR prices have dropped. Editing software is everywhere – from apps on your mobile phone to the suite of Photoshop products. All of the the technology is accessible to the moms and dads who love capturing everyday, intimate family moments. There is no cost to develop your pictures (ask a nine-year old what “developing a picture” means and you’ll get a blank stare). You can take lots of pictures with minimal expense and keep only the ones you want. The list goes on and on.

And, of course, we’re sharing pictures with greater frequency. No longer do you have to carry a stack of prints (or slides!) – now you just send along a link. And, then, there’s the power of Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites. Photography is everywhere.

We want to be your resource for all of your photography needs. So, in this blog, we hope to connect with the mom and dad (or anyone else!) who loves taking pictures and wants to do it better in your own worlds. We hope to provide practical insight and advice on how to make better pictures and what you can do with those pictures so that you enjoy them fully. (Yes – we are all victims of “take-a-lot-of-pictures-and-have-them-sit-on-my-memory-card/phone syndrome”). We’ll also talk about some of our own photo shoots, what we loved about them and what we did to make them memorable.

We hope you enjoy. If you have any questions that you’d like us to address on the blog, please email us. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

As always, Pollack Photography is Focused on You

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